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BUKARA Turkmeno royal carpet. Bukara carpets, or better known motifs “gol” (in Persian), that is in the form of an elephant paw, are handicrafts of the Turkmen populations living in Central Asia. These peoples are separate, one part resides in Iran and the majority resides among Gara Guyunlo (Black Mountain) ethnicities in the former Soviet Union, now an autonomous Republic with capital Ashgabad. The designs and colors of the carpets are always the same, the composition is wool on a very soft and durable wool, the pile about 2.50 cm.


    • Dimensions: 300 x 200 cm.
    • Materials: 100% wool
    • Origin: Turkmenia
    • Manufacturing: knotted by hand
    • Certification: YES
    • Availability: Immediate, delivered within 2-3 business days.


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