TABRIZ 60 RAJ -2032


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Square Tabriz 60 raj carpet. Number 60 is related to the amount of nodes in the carpet: in 7 centimeters it has 60 rows of nodes and for this very reason they call it tabriz 60 raj which is an index of the finesse of the carpet. This specimen is fabricated by skilled craftsmen from Tabriz, which is the capital of Iranian Azerbaijan. It is made of high quality kork and silk wool, the structure of this specimen is cotton.

IRAA Carpets recommend that you wash at least once every 2 years to keep the carpet at the very best of its beauty.


    • Dimensions: cm 200 x 200 cm.
    • Materials: wool and silk
    • Manufacturing: knotted by hand
    • Certification: YES
    • Availability: Immediate, delivered within 2-3 business days


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