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In 1959, China took control of Tibet, many inhabitants emigrated to Nepal and began producing carpets to ensure a source of livelihood. Supported by humanitarian organizations, in particular by the UN, they had the idea of ​​creating carpets for the western market.

In the 70s a business of carpets from Nepal began to develop, thanks to the excellent manufacture of modern designs and colors.
The modern carpets
today on the market they are distinguished in various ways:  Tufted carpets : technique used in China and India, the craftsman manually inserts every single hair, which can be wool or synthetic, without knotting it on a custom-made cotton structure. A glue or silicone is then applied to the back to maintain the stability of the carpet hairs.

 Carpets to machine : they are difficult to distinguish with those knotted by hand, but the difference between the two types is remarkable.

Hand-knotted carpets are made of wool, silk and cotton, while machine-made carpets are made of synthetic fabrics.

 Hand-knotted rugs : they are produced by expert knotters, they can vary according to quality used material.

The modern carpets are very versatile examples, adaptable in all environments. With a modern carpet you can decorate a waiting room, an office or a bedroom for children.

With the furnishings that change from year to year, they become more and more minimal and technological, even the manufacture of the modern carpet fits your needs.

We are continuing to invent new techniques and designs that are more and more innovative.

There are many luxury brands that also produce modern carpets, which can become a beautiful investment, a great example are the rugs of Missoni characterized by their classic geometric designs and floral with many colors.